Dating Fails


Need a Bra? He's Got a Bunch!

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Nothing is More Cringy Than Fumbling While Trying to Unhook a Woman's Bra For Breast Cancer Awareness

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I'd Say it's a Bee Cup

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More of Us Know This Feeling Than You'd Think

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Risque World Records

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Speaking of Which...

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It Does a Fantastic Impression, However

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Showing Off Her Trophy Wall

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A New Challenger Appears!

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Created by jb1110

Bra-Clasp, The Mightiest Foe You'll Ever Face

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Dat Cleavage! ....Oh Wait

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Created by pissusmymissus

Enemy of Man

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The Bra That Only Opens When True Love Is Detected.

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Don't Look at it and it Will Eat You

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What Else Is in There?

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Let Them Free!

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