Dating Fails


Men and Women Alike Don't Want to Admit This Kind of Feeling

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I Am Disappoint

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Advertising That Goes Straight for the Crotch

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Sure, Makes Sense

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This 'Brains N Titties' Song Will be Stuck in Your Head All Day

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7 in Size, 10 in My Book

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Sage Advice From Mr. Jeremy

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Well, That's Not Awful

nebraska is pretty flat
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Never Gets Old

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Don't Let Anybody Tell You Otherwise!

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Well That Was Disappointing

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Sometimes You Just Can't Decide

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Aaaaand You Lost Me

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Sexual Harrassment: Don't Give Up on It!

Shocking Craigslist advertisement from a woman who had someone fondle her breasts on the train and now wants to meet him.
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It's All Dudes Want

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I Don't Think That Rhymes

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