Dating Fails



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Grandpa's Still Got Game

bewbs chatroulette game Grandpa We Are Dating - 5559310848
By Unknown

Advertising That Goes Straight for the Crotch

advertising sign lady bits bewbs funny - 7843346688
By Unknown

Sure, Makes Sense

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I Don't Think That Rhymes

bewbs dating fails g rated - 7119525120
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The World Wants to See Bewbs

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Regular Checkups Are the Key to Good Health!

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I'm Hooked And I Can't Stop Starin'

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Happy National Cleavage Day!

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For All Those With Back Pain, We Salute You

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Sofia Vergara Would Be The Expert

bewbs fun sofia vergara - 5702651136
By Unknown

Such a Shame

Funny exchange on Omegle in which the stranger indeed has boobs, but he is still a guy.
By anselmbe

Sexual Harrassment: Don't Give Up on It!

Shocking Craigslist advertisement from a woman who had someone fondle her breasts on the train and now wants to meet him.
By Neal (Via

Japanese Animation's Tradition Of Respecting Women

anime bewbs gifs Japan respect - 5676675328
By Unknown

What? Who Thinks This?

wtf bewbs sexy times funny - 8408393216
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One of the Perks of Being a Woman

the joy of being a woman
Via Colleen Clark Art
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