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You Know That Look

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Husband Saves His Wife From A Foul Ball and Himself From Being in the Dog House if He Hadn't

win gif husband catches foul ball to save wife at baseball game
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Just Like Your Ex-Girlfriend

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A Wise Choice

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By Unknown
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This Baseball Game Marriage Proposal Goes Wrong Quickly

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Seems Like He Should Have Learned His Lesson

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By Ashley Wilburn

We're All Very Proud Of You

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By Unknown
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Watch This Dude Lose Ring during His Failed Marriage Proposal Attempt, in Front of Millions of People

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Who Wouldn't Want Derek Jeter's Sloppy Seconds?

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Fan Asks Kate Upton During Live Interview Whether Justin Verlander Prefers Sex Before or After Game, And She Actually Answers

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If That Doesn't Do It, Nothing Will

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By Unknown
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Watch the Smooth Operator Jeff Bagwell Grab His Girlfriend's Boob During Astros Game

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Never Take a Date to a Baseball Game

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Game Day Relationship Goals

99 problems mets fan customized jersey mlb baseball
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Bros Should Stop Asking Girls To Prove They're Sports Fans, Especially If They Can't Handle the High Heat

funny dating tweet guy asks girl to prove shes an MLB fan and she crushes him
Via @thatgirlondeck

Forever Alone at the Baseball Field

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By Unknown
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