Dating Fails


Time to raise the bar. If you walk the straight and narrow, and can toe that line on the bar, then maybe these straight-laced puns are for you to. So grab a pint and celebrate, but make sure you stay the course.

I Don't Think ANYONE Wants That For Valentine's Day

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This is the Most Awkward Bar Conversation Ever

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Number 1 In The World, Number 1 In My Heart

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You Now Have My Complete Attention

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Mulligan's Knows How Relationships Work

hey, at least you met someone
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SNL Skit Profiling Every Dude Who Tries to Use Feminism At Bar to Get Laid Is Instant Comedic Gold

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In Which Robert Neville Meets a Zombie

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Frosty And Frigid, Just Like Her Affections!

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False Advertising at its Best

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The Truth

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I'd Like To Butter Your Toast

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Just Thought I'd Break In. I Mean Drop In.

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Patriotic Pick-Up Lines

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Women Are Not On The Menu

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There Can Only be One Bride!

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But Do You Date the Bar?

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