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She Wins the Bad Ass of the Day Award!

woman drags man to police station after being groped
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Think Milkshakes Are the Best

wtf awesome idiots online dating milkshake - 8391116288
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doodles as pickup lines

Doodles Are the New Pickup Lines

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He's a Man of Adventure

awesome funny online dating profile pic wtf tinder - 8252393984
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Tinder intervenes on Twitter when a couple had endless struggle over meeting up in person/texting each other back.

Tinder Intervenes After Couple Awkwardly Avoids Each Other For Years On End

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Let Your Beard Do the Talking

wtf beard awesome funny g rated dating - 8072462592
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man gets revenge on a cheating girlfriend

Guy Ruins Cheating Girlfriend's Dream Of Joining A Sorority

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awesome camera love story Video - 69254913

Me & You: Telling a Love Story With a Single Camera Angle

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The Ultimate Tinder Profile Pic

tinder awesome profile online dating funny dating - 8396978432
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awesome tattoos space win dating - 1565189

The Planets Aligned for This Guy Who Bumped Into a Girl With Perfect Tattoo

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Relationship Priorities

sexy times or fifa?
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He Seems Like a Keeper

tinder awesome profile online dating funny - 8449059840
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Sure, I'll Sleep on the Couch Tonight

awesome - 6598982400
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Now That's a Winner!

awesome first date funny phone - 8346014720
Created by anselmbe
the internets awesome sexy times funny Video dating - 63021313

How Do I Cybersex? Will I Ever Mastrr Ond Hanfed Typig?

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Possibly the Best Profile of All TIme

awesome profile funny online dating dating - 8240498176
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