Dating Fails


The Ultimate Tinder Profile Pic

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Sometimes He Just Wants to Dance

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Guy makes a PowerPoint presentation for his Tinder match, and it goes well | live Chicago D: noooo0o don't read people's little profiles do Hey. do. just forgot lol look dumb now loi lol Haha sorry text messages

Guy Creates PowerPoint Presentation For Tinder Match

Guy's got next level Tinder game.
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Let Your Beard Do the Talking

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awesome sex toys sexy times infographic funny dating NSFW - 469253

Every Wonder Who Is Buying What Sex Toys?

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man gets revenge on a cheating girlfriend

Guy Ruins Cheating Girlfriend's Dream Of Joining A Sorority

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The Couple That Rides Together, Dies Together

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couples share epic breakup stories

A Couple Quick Stories About The Most Epic Ways People Broke Up

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Never Gets Old

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Best Relationship Ever

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What Is The Weirdest Valentine's Gift You've Ever Received?

Why would you get each other these pajamas?
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funny and sad tinder moments

19 Funny and Sad Moments from the Wild World of Tinder

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Relationship Priorities

sexy times or fifa?
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She Wins the Bad Ass of the Day Award!

woman drags man to police station after being groped
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Possibly the Best Profile of All TIme

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Behold the Breakup Cake!

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