Dating Fails


Quickly, Before It's Too Late!

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Handstand Abs Guy is Hands Down the Creepiest Single Topic Blog

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If Liam Neeson Had His Own Dating Sim

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Way to Ruin the Fun, MOM

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Better Relationships Through Weapons-Grade Explosives

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First World Shinji Problems

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A Real Adult Kiss

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The 3 Tenets Of Masculine Manly Manhood

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You Never Know Who Those 900 Numbers Will Give You

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Just Watch Some Anime and Chill

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This Fight is About to Get a Lot More Interesting

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Mind if I Buy You a Drink, Waifu?

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Those Happy Feels

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If You Thought Body Pillows Couldn't Get More Pathetic...

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This Line Never Works

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Japanese Animation's Tradition Of Respecting Women

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