Dating Fails

after 12

It's Good to Date a Brewer

beer cute funny Valentines day after 12 g rated - 8062862592
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It's All Part of the Ceremony

dating wedding gifs It's All Part of the Ceremony
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Yep, That's Pretty Much How I Feel

valentine's day is a day for drinking
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Must Have Been a Hell of a Beer

that escalated quickly beer single wtf funny after 12 g rated - 8113171968
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Please, Respect the Grapes

wine should never be an inspiration for drunk dialing.
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Prepare Yourself for Valentine's Day

v is definitely for vodka
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St. Patrick's Day Regrets

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Nobody Gets What They Want

nope food sexy times funny after 12 - 8120590336
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Let Everyone Know You're Having a Lonely Drunken Christmas

christmas lonely funny after 12 - 8408365824
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I Fear I've Made a Grave Error in Judgment

celebrating mistake after 12 g rated - 7153521664
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Well, That's One Way to Get a Free Drink

walk of shame funny after 12 g rated - 8424488192
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Guaranteed Good Times

after 12 bacon epic meal time lube whiskey - 6230745600
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So This Is a Bad Thing?

drugs funny gay weed after 12 - 8337131264
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sober shots sex alcohol after 12 g rated - 6955843840
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Thanks Whiskey!

whiskey after 12 g rated - 7026550784
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Man-At-Arms Does Not Approve

saint johns makes good pub signs
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