Dating Fails


Wow...This Is Getting Super Depressing

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I'm Looking for Someone Who's On My Level

dating funny ads I'm Looking for Someone Who's On My Level
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These Ads Are Getting Morbid

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God I Am So Alone

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Gentleman...Open Your Wallets. Then Start Your Engines.

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Ikea Knows How to Advertise

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No Nick Cave for the Lady!

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Got to Get Me Some of That Magic Elixir

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You Can't Fake it With Durex

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Easier Than Finding a Date

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Well, That Seems Suspect

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Clever, Clever JDate

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I've Never Wanted to Visit the Dentist So Badly Before

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Just Because It's True, Doesn't Mean it Doesn't Hurt

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British Travel Ads Hope You Get Some

go to america and get laid!
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Oh, How Times Have Changed

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