Dating Fails

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That Was Sort of the Idea, Yes

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This Guy Just Needs to Take a Short Break

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Bedroom Music

accidental sexy THE D sheet music funny - 7791138560
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We All Need Some Canned Ginger in Our Lives

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The Hero's Journey Since Time Immemorial

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Everyone's Favorite Combination

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Something Tells Me They Didn't Intend to Get This Message Across

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So, Good Date Then?

beer accidental sexy funny - 7845107200

We Don't Play This Board Game Anymore

creepy accidental sexy board games - 7689066752
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That's What She Said?

quotes thats what she said accidental sexy funny dating - 7778838272
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What Kind of Games Did Kids Play Back in the Day?!

retro accidental sexy what funny dating - 7788176384
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If You Know What I Mean, Etc.

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Drive Slow and Carefully

sign accidental sexy funny dating - 7878137856
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Engineers Do it Precisely (in a Controlled Environment, Repeatedly)

engineers school accidental sexy puns funny dating - 7437526272
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Very, VERY Happy Christmas

candy accidental sexy dude parts santa dating - 7946934528
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We'll Wait For the Third Date for That One, Exercise Bike

workout accidental sexy funny - 7486745600
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