Dating Fails


Patrick Knows How to Get the Ladies

funny patrick SpongeBob SquarePants pickup lines TV - 8197152256
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Oh Al, You Card, You.

al bundy married with children funny TV - 8197137664
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Is That What They Called It Back Then?

betty white masturbation television TV We Are Dating - 5460862720

Also, Applies to the Newly Broken Up

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tinder date that invited a whole bunch of men

Twitter Thread Tells How Tinder Temptress Tricks Dozens Into Her Personal Bootleg “Bachelorette”

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Maybe This Will Get Me Out of "Cake Boss" Too...

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Smart TVs Are Getting Needy

smart tv wants a date
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Castle Doesn't Care if They're Fake

TV bewbs santa funny - 8213595904
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Welcome to the Sadness Zone

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Wait, You Mean Her?

TV arrested development quote funny - 7522468608
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Always Be Prepared

FAIL TV funny g rated dating - 8401783552
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We Consulted an Expert

expert TV virgins funny - 7586749952
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An Honest Nickname

TV funny college nickname - 8122067712
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Now That's Solid Advice

TV that 70s show funny - 8138227200
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Age Is Just a Mentality

funny pam TV the office - 8267274496
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fake TV Video dating David Letterman - 66973953

Weirdo of the Day: Joaquin Phoenix Tells Fake Engagement Story on ‘Letterman’

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