Dating Fails


What's the Better Problem to Have?

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Dat Sadness

crush funny Sad wtf - 8180522240

Well That's Just Sad

Sad beer We Are Dating - 6659760128
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Three Cheers for the Internet

Sad bear online dating funny - 7961416960
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The Mayor of the Friendzone

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This Poor Husband Yearns to be Wild and Free

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Looks Like Someone Won an Argument

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funny, sad and spicy memes for people who are self-deprecating, funny tweets, twitter memes, depression, anxiety, impostor syndrome | actually feeling pretty good today My brain 5 seconds later: GUESS WHO IS LONELY PATHETIC AND | MY BODY IS A TEMPLE ANCIENT AND CRUMBLING PROBABLY CURSED OR HAUNTED

40 Sad & Spicy Memes For Masters Of Self-Deprecation

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reasons couples divorce

13 Reasons Couples Are Divorcing Even Though They're Still In Love

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Maybe It's the "Sad" Part You Should Fix

craigslist fat missed connections Sad We Are Dating weight - 5046588672
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Yup, Not Gonna Happen

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The Saddest Draw Something

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Funny trending memes entitled 'Glass Book Page Holder'

'Glass Book Page Holder' Is Peak Self-Deprecating Humor (13 Memes)

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People share sad and crazy stories of what they did after finding out they'd been cheated on.

43 People Share What They Did After Finding Out They'd Been Cheated On

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facebook post explaining how to leave an abusive partner

A Vital Facebook Post On How To Safely Leave An Abusive Partner

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relationship confessions

13 Brutal Stories From Regretful Couples Who Moved In Together

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