Dating Fails


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savage breakups

15 Incredibly Savage Break Up Lines

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Sex Workers Talk about 'The Girlfriend Experience' or What It's Like When Guys Pay for More than Sex

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It Is Strongly Recommended That You Don't Restart Your Relationship at This Time

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funny, sad and spicy memes for people who are self-deprecating, funny tweets, twitter memes, depression, anxiety, impostor syndrome | actually feeling pretty good today My brain 5 seconds later: GUESS WHO IS LONELY PATHETIC AND | MY BODY IS A TEMPLE ANCIENT AND CRUMBLING PROBABLY CURSED OR HAUNTED

40 Sad & Spicy Memes For Masters Of Self-Deprecation

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Honest Candy Hearts

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Take A Bite Out of Dating

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the saddest loneliest cringe photos you'll ever experience while sitting crying on the floor

12 Shameless Moments Of Sad Cringe To Make You Feel Better About Your Worst Days

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Is it Just Chocolate?

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A Man Found a Message in a Bottle From a Fifth Grader That Will Break Your Heart

image message friendship A Man Found a Message in a Bottle From a Fifth Grader That Will Break Your Heart
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How Everyone of My Dates Goes... Everytime

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What's the Better Problem to Have?

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Always the Balloon Guy

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reasons couples divorce

13 Reasons Couples Are Divorcing Even Though They're Still In Love

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20 of the most brutal rejections people have ever suffered through while on the dating app, Tinder.

20 of the Most Brutal Rejections Poor Roasted Souls Have Endured On Tinder

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People share their worst date stories on Twitter and the results are terrifying.

15 People Share Their Worst Date Stories

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