Dating Fails


Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

The Movie Is Just An Excuse

comic date night makeout Movie - 5687209728
By Joe (Via I Can Barely Draw)

The Search For Our Beginning... Could Lead to The Greatest Night of Our Lives!

funny Movie - 6304927488
By Unknown

Oh Right, That

cancer cheating Joseph Gordon-Levitt Movie Seth Rogen - 5651191552
By Unknown
Movie trailers her Video - 57811457

The Sci-Fi Digital Romance "Her" Wouldn't be Quite as Sexy Without ScarJo's Voice...

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Gentleman, Meet the Movie You Can't Wait Not to See

50 shades of grey horrible funny Movie Valentines day dating - 8024866304
By Unknown
bikini ladies Movie - 31346689

Exploitation Films At Their Finest

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That's Quite the Selection

funny Movie wtf - 8168639488
Via Bad Monkey 0001

Remember, Kids: Always Brush Your Teeth!

gifs Movie We Are Dating - 5210038784
By Unknown

This Is the Only Reason "The Notebook" Was Created

ecard Movie movies sex We Are Dating - 5296277504
By Unknown

This Movie Would End a Lot of Relationships

Movie comic breakup funny - 7795657728
Via Endless Origami

Learn to Keep Your D on a Tight Leash!

funny Movie THE D dating - 8221332992
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