Dating Fails


It's a Touchy Topic, OK?

Cleverbot forever alone sex sexytimes - 6389818880
Created by Unknown

Sexist Cleverbot is Sexist

Cleverbot - 6540106752
Created by betbejoh

I Think Cleverbot Is Confused

Cleverbot condom wrong word - 6208424192
Created by Unknown

Cleverbot Belongs to Me Now

Cleverbot slave - 6606562304
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You're Already Talking to Cleverbot, So the Forever Alone Is a Little Redundant

chat Cleverbot forever alone We Are Dating - 5198954496
Created by OpenDissent

Cleverbot is a Teenage Girl

Cleverbot creepy wat - 6584135936
Created by Anyastazya

This Relationship is Moving a Little Fast

Cleverbot relationships talking - 6531654912
Created by larynachos

Good, So Neither Of Us Can Get a Virus

oh god why Cleverbot - 6880854528
Created by Unknown

Well That Didn't Take Much Convincing

anal Cleverbot convincing - 6222255104
Created by Dknox

Too Far?

Cleverbot that escalated quickly - 6461388800
Created by gummie98

Oh, How Quickly a Bot's Loyalty Changes...

Cleverbot - 6598841856
Created by Karl Baker, Jr.

When a Diamond Ring Just Doesn't Cut It

chuck norris Cleverbot - 6490171648
Created by Unknown