Dating Fails

The First Time Your Crush Kisses You on the Cheek

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A Classic Holiday Sentiment

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Seems Simple Enough

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The Best Way to Look for Sarah Connor

the terminator is on tinder
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Working Backwards

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extra weird tinder profiles

17 Extra Weird Tinder Profiles To Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasure

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Funny fails, texts from exes, dating, relationships, texting | Hey stranger Are up Texts Sending Chicks Instantly Show Texts Sending Chicks Instantly Show Fkboy up Hey Stranger These texts are usually sent during dry spell guy is hoping against hope this old flame can be rekindled get him out his drought | want turkey breast sandwich with following add ons Lettuce Tomato Black olives Tomato Salt and pepper Oil and vinegar Hot sauce White bread sub Salt and vinegar chips Pop tarts coke Thanks

27 Poorly-Received Texts From Exes

Let sleeping dogs lie.
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Nailed It

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Romance Works Best on the First of the Month

rent is where the heart is
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I Miss That SO Much

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Seems Legit.

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She's in the Illuminati

or she's in the x-files
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She Who Must Not Be Named

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You Absolutely Sure About That?

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