Angry Tweets

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Sounds Like a Great Vacation

twitter autocorrect - 7946554112
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This Is Why I Named My iPhone "Hymen"

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Another Day, Another Follower

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Why Would You Get a Pigeon Drunk?

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For the Same People Who Get Excited When a Two Dollar App Is on Sale

App expensive Starbucks stereotypes twitter - 6066746112
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Sometimes These Things Sneak Up on You

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It's Good to Be Free

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Trolling Basketball Players

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You Had to Be There

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A Night Out Ain't What It Used to Be

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And Those Pretty Pictures in Your Library Don't Add to Resale Value

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Not Very Encouraging, Autocorrect

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Heeeeelp Meeeeeee

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trump follows a cat twitter account and hilariousness insues

Donald Trump Briefly Followed @EmrgencyKittens on Twitter and the Internet Thought It Was Hilarious

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