Hot Girl Troll

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By Unknown

Cat Facts Troubleshooting

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By Midgetalien

Thank You For Calling 1-800-CAT-FACT

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By Unknown
wrong number text message from pregnant side chick that got slipepd the wrong digits

Pregnant Side Chick Texts Wrong Number, Proceeds to Get Trolled to Oblivion

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Too Trusting Not to Troll

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By Unknown

His Last Words Were "What a Smartass"

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By Unknown

The Real Cat Facts Feels the Trolls

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By Unknown

Shortcut Roulette

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By Unknown

Epic Cat Facts Trolling

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By Unknown

Richard From Edinburgh

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By oavicious

How to Get Someone to Stop Texting Cat Facts

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Via Reddit

Tell Me More, Cat Facts!

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By CatFactsFan

Hardy Har Har

trolling funny AutocoWrecks - 7589532160
By Unknown

Why Siblings Should Never Be Wingmen

siblings trolling - 7651927296
By iminlovewithliam6 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

The Trolls Have Already Reached Draw Something

draw something troll trolling - 6058941696
By Unknown

But TV Has Ruined My Imagination!

trolling relationships funny - 7592539392
By Unknown
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