Did you get that text? No? Well dive into some of the funniest and punniest texts you will ever see. Whether it's an SMS or a clever note, you'll get plenty of ideas how to make your passive aggressive intentions known, or relate to a terrible mistake. Either way, laughter will be had.

In the BATH

autocorrect text - 7975141376
Via idonothaveamooseproblem

The Constituton of Swiggity Swag

autocorrect swag text g rated AutocoWrecks - 8004454144
Created by thecherryboo1

It Always Looks Fun in the Movies...

autocorrect text - 7833458944
Created by tweekdout0 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Fake It to Make It

alone dogs friend pretending text texting - 5742080256
Created by Unknown

You Can Pick Your Condiments, Not Your Family

text family mom - 7704591616
Created by Unknown

It's a Form of Helping

autocorrect Awkward text g rated AutocoWrecks - 7863758080
Via megacupcakeluver

Useful Information

autocorrect text - 7965371904
Via flowingthru

He JUANted to Get to Know ou!

autocorrect text - 7938055936
Created by Mark

That's So Helpful, Autocorrect

autocorrect text funny AutocoWrecks - 7790177792
Via the-lone-roman

When You Said You Wanted to Have Some Friends Over For Lunch...

autocorrect text - 7970295808
Via passionleavesatrace

Make Sure You Keep the Ticket!

autocorrect text - 8002564096
Created by mrgautney

It Happens

autocorrect text - 7892829184
Via Silenced By Joy

Maybe Autocorrect Was Right the First Time

autocorrect text - 8017241600
Via confessionsofastupididiot

The First Statement is Also True

autocorrect text chocolate - 7831356416
Via im-sorry-ilove-you

That Probably Would Be a Lot

autocorrect text - 7858488320
Created by ms.cassidylauren

I Could Tell You, But Then...

autocorrect text funny - 7745732096
Created by squizzy_
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