Mars On Phones!

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Houston, We Have a Penis I MEAN PROBLEM

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If Only There Were an App for Rockets

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Thanks, That Was Just What I Needed

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How's That?

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Don't Worry, She's Just Spacing Out

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A quick and funny Tumblr thread about a stupid Google question spiraling out of control | hedgehog-moss Follow started with asking an innocent question Google can tan front fireplace? Q Tous Images O Shopping O Vidéos answers were unanimously "no" but explanations were bit puzzling sun is not ball fire is ball hot stuff, but 's not like there's large pile wood at center flame

Ridiculous Google Question Spirals Out Of Control

Quick and dumb and hilarious.
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Death to Cheesy Texting

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I Left My Party in Another Pair of Pants

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Makes Instagramming Seem That Much More Insignificant

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Must Mean "All Night Long"

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