And Now If Everyone Could Submit Their Answer to This Online Poll

school kids texting funny - 7670486272
Created by Unknown

Everyone's Well-Traveled in Jersey

geography mom parenting school - 5764823808
Created by Grace

Thanks Dad, You're So Racially Sensitive

China chinese parents school studying test - 5300885504
Created by catasaurus84

Story of My Life

lazy life school - 5921384960
Created by Unknown

A Handy Texting Shortcode Guide

acronyms school - 5710211072
Created by Unknown

Predictive Text FAIL

school - 6987586816
Created by lukeey93

Oh Yeah, and Jesus is Our Lord and Savior

school religion funny - 7602167296
Created by BvB_Titan ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

For Liiiiiiiife

anal anal sex cheating dad fake Hall of Fame parenting school teacher thats what she said - 5873192960
Created by Unknown

What Some People Do With Their School's iPads

autocorrect school settings - 7959685120
Via mmmelon

I Meant Kneel in a Prayerful Sense

carousel mom oral sex parenting prayer school Wrong Contact wrong number - 5589966080
Created by Unknown

The Bane of Krabappel

class gifs school simpsons texting in class the simpsons - 5508856320

Go Sit in the Corner

addicted angry birds iphone school - 5746544896
Created by Unknown

Lies My Teacher Told Me

AutocoWrecks calculator g rated Hall of Fame lies math mobile phones school teacher - 5645240832
Created by Unknown

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day? BECAUSE BURNS ARE EVERYWHERE

burn class insult one liner school summer - 5746533376
Created by Unknown

Autocorrect Auto-Locks an Entire School

auto correct news school - 5912972288
Created by FlightOfTheFail

He Must Think He's Pretty... HUMERUS. DURHURHUR.

anatomy class flirting pick-up lines school - 5938694144
Created by Unknown
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