A Crappy Situation

joke poop prank - 5484214016
Created by shellshockedg

I Alone Must Carry This Heavy Burden to Mordor

Lord of the Rings prank - 5307224064
Created by Unknown

Pranking The Fiancé

breasts name prank siri - 5626082816
Created by DanceColinDance

Haha! You're Wet! AND You've Lost $200!

facebook pool prank wet - 5750714880
Created by Unknown

Another Day, Another Follower

carousel dead prank Trolling Wrong Numbers twitter wrong number - 5390268928
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auto correct Hey prank - 5906939136
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Too Trusting Not to Troll

lost prank trolling - 6030972416
Created by Unknown

Tell Me More, Cat Facts!

cat facts Cats prank trolling wrong number - 6045975808
Created by CatFactsFan

Which Makes It Even Weirder That It's YOUR BABY

april fools prank pregnant - 6276336384
Created by Unknown

Not to Be a Wet Blanket, But...

broken graph prank water wet - 5854372352

Dogs Not Actually for Sale

Cats craigslist dogs prank trolling wrong number - 6018370304
Via Reddit

The Real Cat Facts Feels the Trolls

cat facts prank troll trolling - 5750860544
Created by Unknown

Didn't Matter, Had BJ

april fools craigslist p33n prank trolling - 6065564416
Via Jaxalex

It's the "Charged" Part That Gets Them

error message prank tweet twitter - 5985892608
Created by Unknown

Cat Facts Troubleshooting

cat facts facebook chat prank trolling - 6051856896
Created by Midgetalien

Shouldn't Have Done That, Bro

arrested news prank - 5985853184
Created by Unknown
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