How Sure Are You?

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By Unknown

Please Let it Be Pizza. Is it Pizza?

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By Unknown

Romancing the Ice Queen

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To be Fair, They Both Involve Meat

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By TerminatorKitteh

I'd Rather Be Sleeping With the Anchovies

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By Soleilia

The U.S. Congress' Autocorrect

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They Deliver Now?

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For a Dollar More You Can Make it a Triple!

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Never Doubt the Power of Pizza

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By Unknown

What Else Do You Need a Phone to Do?

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By Unknown

Mmm Pizza

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By spazalisa

It's Like It Knows Me

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By Unknown

I'm Going Through Some Stuff

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By Unknown

A Cell Phone 11 Inches Long, Made of Holly, With a Phoenix Feather as Its Core

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By Unknown

I Think We All Know That Reason

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