Happy and gay all day long. Love yourself and enjoy all the upbeat humor you can handle.

A Deterrent for Some, Incentive for Others

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Created by Unknown

Penny Arcade WINS at Draw Something

au natural AutocoWrecks draw something gay - 6008663808
Via Penny Arcade

Homophobic Holidays

cookies gay homophobic videos - 5594760960

Frequent But Normal

dating dreams gay relationships sex weird - 5819117824
Created by Zephyr12343

Still Not as Lame as _______

draw something gay twilight - 6040512512
Created by Unknown

I Guess I'm Flattered?

text me gay - 7062059264
Created by Unknown

Know How I Know You're Gay?

dating gay homosexual relationships sex - 5839303424
Created by Unknown

That's Exactly What I Meant to Write. Thank You, Autocorrect!

autocorrect cucumber gay sex - 5378590208
Created by duhdoydit

Ate Nine?

confused confusing gay homosexual joke - 5778449408
Created by Unknown

True Bromance

bro bros gay homosexual sex - 5763915008
Created by Unknown

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Seal

draw something gay twilight - 6058942976
Created by Unknown

Not a Romantic

gay love - 5509191936

I'd Get in That Caboose

auto correct gay - 5800406784
Created by PyroDC

Cloudy With a Chance of Manballs

driving gay - 5439184640
Created by Unknown

Hillary is Not Surprised

gay - 6390820608
Created by Unknown

Never Been So Close to One Before

gay lesbian school - 5780615680
Created by Luis Cortez
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