It Didn't Seem to Bother Autocorrect the First Time...

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Yeah, Don't Quit Your Day Job

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Created by pneumonatic

Either Would Result in a Breakup

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That's How He Lures You In

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Almost Made It

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Funny text exchange of a dude trolling an obvious scammer.

Brilliant Troll Gives Scammer A Taste Of Their Own Shady Medicine

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At Least it Didn't Blue Screen

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Created by Unknown

Junk in That Trunk

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Created by KainHarrison ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Going to the Doctor Just Got Way More Enjoyable

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Uhhh I Think I Broke Siri

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Created by Vivien

It is True That That is the Case

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Created by Unknown

The Phone is Trying to Tell You Something

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The Care Bear Stare Got in the Way of Her Selfie

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Created by Unknown

No Electricity Was Used in the Making of This Sandwich

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Created by flockofdoves

Call the Fire Department, lol

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Created by Unknown