Not Sure If Butterflies or Stomach Acid

crush dating food relationships - 5996548352
By Unknown

The Best Way to a Man's Heart

dating food love relationships - 5496506112
By Unknown

Doggy Style

auto correct dogs food - 5861158912
By Sup123

You Might Want to Get That Beaver Checked Out

auto correct food lunch - 5745428992
By alien_magic

Drinking Logic

iPhones too drunk food - 7155634688
By Unknown

I Have Priorities

phone rings priorities microwave food - 7294280448
By Unknown

It Must Have Been Right After That Salad of Hilarious

eating food Hall of Fame one liner sexy - 5642425856
By Unknown

Same Thing Really

autocorrected food iPhones - 6515493888
By SarahHorse

A Hunk of Man Omelette

breakfast food siri - 5981595136
By DjDough

I Won't Have What She's Having

dinner food funny - 7656569600
By RyderLee (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Darren Never Was the Best at Stuffing the Turkey

facebook food sex thanksgiving - 5620916992
By Poston03

Class Warfare

autocorrect cannibalism food salad - 5308027136
By Unknown

If People Had Autocorrect

autocorrect food funny - 7755079936
Via furiouskingston

I Only Need Enough to Thai-d Me Over

food Hall of Fame hungry pun puns - 5327308032
By Unknown

Come On, Let's Be Realistic

chocolate food - 6539640320
By Jayden

Welcome to the Fuuuuuuture!

apps food the future - 6894536192
Via Left-Handed Toons
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