Tumblr Is Filled With Horrible People

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By Unknown

Avoid Insulting Gifts This Holiday Season

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By Unknown

You Must Be Thinking of My Brother

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By ned4spd8874

Family Tension

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By Ben

No Luke, I'm Not Your Father

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Via It's My Kind of Party

Playing Marco Bone-O

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By Unknown

See You at Thanksgiving

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By Unknown

Wait for the Shyamalan Twist Ending

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By Breezy

All in the Family

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By Unknown

Always Look for the Silver(ware) Lining

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By erhelm (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

The Family Exterminator

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By Unknown

You Can Pick Your Condiments, Not Your Family

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By Unknown

You Can't Just Toss Around Sibling Nicknames Around Mom

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By dazzle_emm

You Can Call For Help, But Grandma Can't

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By Unknown

That's One Way to Kill Her

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By Unknown