This is What Emoticons Were Originally Intended For

cross dressing emoticons - 6508355072
Created by Unknown

You Win Phone Charades!

iPhones emoticons - 6816044288
Created by Unknown

Now I'm Sad...

emoticons facebook chat - 6622247680
Created by Sup123

Emoticons Are Confusing, Dammit

emoticons wat - 6788793088
Created by Unknown

Mom Knows How to Be a Thug

emoticons iPhones mustache - 6233742080
Created by Unknown


emojis emoticons finally iPhones - 6613358592
Created by Unknown

Emoticons Trump Molecular Diagrams

AutocoWrecks Chemistry class emoticon emoticons g rated Hall of Fame mobile phone school studying texting - 5540103936

Even Emoticons Can't Express How I'm Feeling

emoticons AutocoWrecks - 7361383424
Created by Unknown

Real Emotions Are A Thing Of The Past

doghouse diaries comics emoticons emotions - 7036073216
Via Doghouse Diaries

In Case You Don't Know How to Feel About Showering

feelings emoticons - 6818296832
Created by Unknown

That's How I Remember Titanic

emoticons titanic - 6120260864
Created by Kolschy

How to Play Connect Four for Free

connect four emoji emoticons - 5996860416
Via Reddit

Z Snap!

emoticons funny - 7622940416
Created by Unknown

Autocorrected Artwork

autocorrect art emoticons skype - 7833472000
Created by DaedricSheep

Um, er, Excuse Me, um, if, um. . . Boo?

ghosts emoticons funny g rated AutocoWrecks - 7548146688
Created by Unknown

Do Not Underestimate the Camel Lobby

iPhones emoticons funny - 7579243520
Created by Unknown
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