Emoji are ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and web pages. It is an extremely popular form of communicating within the online environment. 

I Don't Know, But You Need a Life

emoji funny - 7634608640

Now That's True Peach

emoji love - 7401206016

I Always Knew Shaq Was a Poophead

basketball emoji emoticon poop weird - 5680183040

I Am a Smart Shark, Not a Mindless Mistake-Making Machine

butt emoji finding nemo movies - 5906369024

Cutesy Texting Just Got Serious

emoji romance funny - 7655004160

Know Your Fruit From Your Squash

dating emoji ninja pumpkins relationships - 5812535552

When is That Emoji Even Necessary?

AutocoWrecks emoji - 7992120832
Via i used to be condorn

Mom Discovers Emoji

emoji emoticon mom parenting poop - 5563934976

How to Play Connect Four for Free

connect four emoji emoticons - 5996860416
Via Reddit

For When Your Phone's Turned Off

emoji funny - 7541537792

At Least If You're Dead I Can Finish My Eggs

emoji funny g rated AutocoWrecks - 7664193280
Created by leredpanda14 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Should Have Stopped at Kung Po

emoji emoticon gross masturbation - 5672032768
Created by frank-n-blaster

Emojis for the Pun Assist

Emoji puns that a girl sends to a boy she likes.

Heroin Is a Terrible Drug

Death doctor drugs emoji emoticon smoking - 5435828992
Created by bob_fizzle

Why Would You Ever Need a Camel in a Text?

autocorrect emoji text - 7901316352
Via Be Your Own Hero

Sigh. Oh People.

emoji art funny - 7622941952
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