Them's Fightin' Words

dumb video games zelda - 5473780736
By Soleilia

Not Sure If He's Stupid or if He Thinks I Am

broken dumb texting - 5926126336
By Arcanasaurus

The Conch Has Spoken!

dumb yes - 6991893760
By Unknown

Tech Support

dumb insult tech support - 5943397376
By Unknown
A quick and funny Tumblr thread about a stupid Google question spiraling out of control | hedgehog-moss Follow started with asking an innocent question Google can tan front fireplace? Q Tous Images O Shopping O Vidéos answers were unanimously "no" but explanations were bit puzzling sun is not ball fire is ball hot stuff, but 's not like there's large pile wood at center flame

Ridiculous Google Question Spirals Out Of Control

Quick and dumb and hilarious.
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Now That Moment Is Lost FOREVER

dumb reply - 5943387392
Via Teen Derp
funny dumb spelling fails | text messages yea am fine with earth and stuff but get confused w chrome zone thing whatever Chrome zone? Chromosome?

Spelling Fails That Mangled Words Up Nice

Who needs complete thoughts anyway?
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I Guess It Actually Worked

dropped dumb gullible idiot lost lost phone - 5751340288

Call the Cops!

bro dumb lost lost phone - 5609807104
By Coffeeist

You Can't Say Chris Didn't Try

dumb last night lost lost phone wrong number - 6031954944
By Unknown

Self-Poortrait FAIL

dumb facebook self poortraits self portrait - 5671452672
By Unknown

Are You Super Duper Sure?

comic dumb rage comic wrong number - 5447401984
funny fail video woman mistakenly thinks blinker is broken

Customer States Turn Signal Is Broken, It's Definitely Not

Hope he charged her.
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Some People Are Slow

dumb joke no punchline slow - 5728651008