Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

My Secret Formula

auto correct baby drugs parenting - 5818771200
Created by Unknown

Italian Junkies

cooking drugs - 5597179648
Created by lcreedan

Something is Wrong With Your Brain

drugs iPhones peeing - 7027249920
Created by Unknown

Officer Friendly

beer carousel drugs police Trolling Wrong Numbers wrong number - 5388592640
Created by Marie92

You've Just Beat Thirst!

drugs - 6604704000
Created by Unknown

How Does Siri Handle The Hard-Hitting Life Questions?

directions drugs Hall of Fame iphone life love siri voice commands - 5307159296
Via the verge

Heroin Is a Terrible Drug

Death doctor drugs emoji emoticon smoking - 5435828992
Created by bob_fizzle

Do You Still Have Drugs Though?

wrong number drugs iPhones - 7018136576
Created by Unknown

BRB, Burning Down the House

drugs drunk Home Alone parenting sex - 5586061312
Created by Unknown

I'm Itching For a Hit of That Flintstone

drugs iPhones - 6977056512
Created by Unknown

I'm All Grown Up!

drugs - 6874461184
Created by Unknown

The Adventures of Kris and Chris

drugs marijuana rude weed wrong number - 5624946432
Created by Chris

I Was Mostly Impressed by the Magic Glowing Box

battery drugs found lost phone - 5773019136

Good Answer.

drugs iPhones marijuana - 6394019072
Created by Unknown

Well Where Else Would You Put It?

airplanes condoms drugs flying - 6402986752
Created by Unknown

Dad Sometimes I Worry About You

drugs marijuana iPhones dad - 7077653504
Created by Unknown
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