What the World Is Coming To

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Created by Unknown

Do I Have to Spell it Out for You?

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Created by Unknown

Hamburger Savior

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Created by nuclear-potato

I Won't Have What She's Having

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Created by RyderLee ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

He Paired it with a Nice Bottle of Chianti

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Created by Lasagna Cook

A Night Out Ain't What It Used to Be

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Via Pablo Stanley

Some Things Only a Mom Would Do

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Created by Unknown

Yes, That's Why They're Jealous

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Created by Kendall

Chicken? Chow Mein? Lasagna? Hamburger Helper? NOTHING?????????

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Created by Unknown

Please Just Feed Me

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Created by Racegirl17

Y U No Appreciate My Pun?

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Created by Unknown

Is That the Name or the Sound You Make After Eating it?

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Created by Aaron