An Analogue Solution for a Digital Problem

school clever g rated - 7704599040
By Unknown

Ahhhhh I See What You Did There

clever I see what you did there kia nokia - 6391497216
By Unknown

I'm Just So Damn CLEVER

AutocoWrecks clever g rated Hall of Fame - 6420120064
By Unknown

That's One Way to Hide a Cell Phone Tower

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By Unknown

F U, K?

acronym AutocoWrecks clever Hall of Fame k mobile phones rude texting - 5531068928
By Unknown

Haaaa I See What You Did There, Nixon

clever - 6441242624
By Jenn

All-Night Owl

AutocoWrecks clever insult joke mobile phone promiscuous texting - 5554335232
By Unknown

But That's a Robot... Ohhhhhhh

clever draw something - 6140304640
By bash13

That Escalated Quickly

clever that escalated quickly whale - 6532540672
By Unknown

Can you Handel the Puns?

Music clever puns funny - 7014228736
By fitsofhappyness

iPhone Invaders

AutocoWrecks clever g rated iphone mobile phones space invaders texting video games - 5559142656