A Real Dick Move

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Created by Unknown

I Would Do Anything for Grades, But I Won't Do That

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Created by Unknown

Still in the Running

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Created by Unknown


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And Not in a Sexual Way

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Yeah, it was meant for... umm... nevermind

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Created by itroitnyah

Oooops This is Awkward

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Created by Unknown

How Do You Know Mom Isn't in on it?

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Created by Unknown

Aaannndd you have the wrong number

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Created by orchidfire

I Think It's Safe To Say This Marriage is Over

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Created by Unknown

Hooray for Bribes

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Created by Thy21

Black or White

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Created by Gillies

It'll Be Awesome When This One Backfires

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Created by Unknown

The Scrabble Cheater

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Created by Unknown

I Brake For Biscuits

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Created by Unknown

The Moment of Horror After Hitting the Send Button.

wrong number cheating - 6659473664
Created by Marc Bothamley
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