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The New iPhone is the Camera You Always Wanted!

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Bluetooth FAIL

bluetooth camera DIY work - 5818285568
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And Those Pretty Pictures in Your Library Don't Add to Resale Value

camera cameraphone photography tweet twitter - 5750724096
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Now You Too Can Own an iPhone and Be a Professional Photographer!

camera gizmodo Hall of Fame hipsters - 6260336384
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Someone Put Way More Effort Than Was Necessary Into This Update

updates camera iphone - 6938140416
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The Number One Use for Cameraphones These Days

au natural camera pictures self pic - 5382117888
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Going to a Concert LOL Txt It

AutocoWrecks camera g rated Hall of Fame mobile phones Music phone time - 5642859520


camera facebook facepalm - 5339100416
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AutocoWrecks camera g rated hipsters instagram - 6206512384
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AutocoWrecks camera cameraphone comic glasses g rated mobile phones rage comic Star Trek - 5563154688
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Self-Poortraits: DIY Cameraphone

camera cameraphone DIY ghetto literal - 5448848384
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The Man Was a Visionary

apple camera cameraphone Hall of Fame homeless steve jobs - 5311384832
Created by Unknown

Dino-Sized Bits

autocorrect camera nikon pixels - 5415035648
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Angle of View FAIL

camera Photo photography - 5556122112
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A Man of Simple Needs

camera cameraphone DIY phone - 5849346560
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Yeah, That's Not How Cameras Work

iphone 5 camera - 7022376704
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