So I Wished You a Happy Chicken Day Instead

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Created by 4jakers18 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

You Can't Escape It

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Via stylessext

Just Keep Rubbing

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Created by Mj

Not Found on the Value Menu

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Via ssnicklefritz

It's Beer O'Clock

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Created by Tiffany

...But "Facepalm" it Recognizes?

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Via some-things-are-best-let-out

Affectionate Nickname?

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Via oswinoswaldofstarshipalaska

That's One Way to End the Series

breaking bad autocorrect funny - 7746774016

Laundry Casket?

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Via Far and Inbetween

There Are Blogs Devoted to Both

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Via sweaty-and-ready-for-spaghetti

Moldy Cypress?

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Via cutestblogger

You Might Want to Get That Checked Out

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Created by Unknown

Now Just Go Stew Yourself

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Via girlenterupted

I'll Lick Your Ass in Stiletto Heels

autocorrect lick misspell shoes - 5363814912
Created by Unknown

The Truth Is Finally Coming

autocorrect oral sex parents swallow - 5307240192
Created by Unknown

Sometimes You Just Have to Run With It

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Via foodingfrenzy