Vodka is the Universal Cure

alcohol iphone vodka - 6123230720
Created by John Hayes

Dad Was Serious

alcohol candy dad drinking parenting - 5604250112
Created by Unknown

Apparently Randy Gummy Bears Excrete Alcohol

alcohol funny - 7670300928
Created by Unknown

Bartender FAIL

alcohol drink drinking - 5817283584
Created by Randall83

Malariabu Sunrise

alcohol drinking Hall of Fame hangover pun - 5599174144

Drinkin' My "Gift" on the Job

alcohol drinking drunk gift meme rage faces work - 5567701760
Created by Unknown

I'm Like a Chocaholic, But For Booze

alcohol candy dad drinking parenting - 5553183232
Created by Unknown

Not-So-Secret Life of the American Teenager

alcohol drugs parenting sex television TV - 5443491584
Created by Unknown

Siri the Enabler

alcohol drinking siri - 5443639296
Created by Unknown

Not a Wizard

alcohol drinking drunk fake Hall of Fame Harry Potter wizard - 5773438208
Created by Unknown

You're Gonna Get an STD: Spirits Transmitted Disease

alcohol auto correct drinking - 5638408960
Created by Marie

To the Beard!

alcohol iPhones amazing AutocoWrecks - 6926012928
Created by Unknown

It Was Ferment to Be

alcohol wine drunk texting g rated AutocoWrecks - 7026915328
Created by Unknown

Wine IS Pretty Good

alcohol iPhones wine - 7133123072
Created by sictrnst
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