Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

angry birds Movie parody Video - 30339585


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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Bavaria

autocorrect Harry Potter Movie - 5335942400
Created by Unknown

Burn Her!

duck monty python Movie siri - 5849128960
Created by Unknown

You Must Be Thinking of Octopussy

Movie movies pr0n - 5531265024
Created by thnkfoot
Hall of Fame Movie parody siri Video - 27818497

Coming to You in Theaters This December

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How Cool Is Technology?

mom Movie parenting swype talking - 5854429440
Created by Unknown

I Bet This Dumbo Didn't Cry When His Mother Died

Movie draw something - 7266527232
Created by Unknown

It's All in the Title

Hall of Fame literal Movie sarcasm - 5701931520
Created by Unknown

I Think You Just Defined it Right There

siri Movie - 7376177920
Created by tcnl86 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )
Hall of Fame horror Movie parody siri Video - 31047937

Siri's Slay

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horror Movie siri Video - 33309441

Psycho Siri

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Right On

Movie siri wolfram - 5440086016
Via Sh*t That Siri Says

Rolling in the Deep

AutocoWrecks g rated Movie u you - 6074690048
Created by Unknown

This iPhone Will Never Be Taken

liam neeson Movie security taken - 5312139520
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