It Went as Awkwardly as You'd Expect

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By Unknown

A VERY Good Morning

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By Jeffdj (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

It Kind of Makes Things Awkward

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By Unknown

If Only Balls Were Like Chia Pets

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

He Tries to Sneak That Fact Into Every Conversation

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Via cgnix

Best Kind of Hug

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Via ishipyouandme

Hiding Behind a Veil of Pretend Texts

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Completely Different Things

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Via myaarr

Well. That's Awkward.

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By sam .c

Oooops This is Awkward

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By Unknown

Just "Kidding"

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By LOLFan01

I'd Prefer That You Didn't

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By Unknown

Great Idea of the Century

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By Unknown

Royal Fixation

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By wattykiller (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

This is Why I Don't Text My Mother...

Awkward autocorrect moms text - 7895856384
By chelsea_fc
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