After 12


Where There's a Will, There's a Way, People!

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This is Your Face on Drugs

funny win image guy faceswaps with weed
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And Granny Hits the Bong

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Know What Your Dollars Should Be Used For

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For When You Get the Munchies

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You Don't Want to Do the Weed

weed does terrible things to you
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The Best Kind Of Green Card

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Welcome to College

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If You Want to Go to Space, You've Got to Get High

that's a lot of weed for chris hadfield
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Marijuana Ruins Lives

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The Calculator Has Spoken

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Church Just Got Way More Interesting

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It's De Eighth Wondah a' De World, Sight?

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I Can Turn in Clothing for Weed?

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Ayy Lmao

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I Need to Move to Denver

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