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Beer Belongs at Thanksgiving

beer thanksgiving ads funny vintage - 8387113728
Via Retro Advertising

The Laziest Mob of All Time

the marijuana mob is a lazy mob
Via Michigan Weed

They Ladies Always Loved Schlitz

beer schlitz funny vintage - 8089904128
By Unknown
beer old school cans funny vintage - 94725

10 Sweet Vintage Beer Cans

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Is This Contest Still Running?

ads vodka funny vintage - 8058184448
By Unknown

It Just Rains Beer?

beer budweiser ads funny vintage - 8418880512
Via Randar

Ballantine Beer Is for Crazy People

beer ads funny vintage - 8046467328
By Unknown

The Good Ol' Days Apparently Had Beer Vending Machines

beer awesome funny vintage - 8322740736
Via Cigar Gal

That Only Works Because Bud Is Made By the Living

beer life budweiser ads funny vintage - 8358400000
Via Sedra Selections
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