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trump tweets for St Patrick's day and fails with mispellings and mistakes

People Are Trolling the Shit Out of Donald Trump After His St. Patrick's Day Tweet

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Damn Those Gateway Social Media Platforms!

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Well Phrased, Ms. Fox

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Times that people were total mad lads online | Chronic Insomniac @HoneyCinnamon_ My uncle just sent message family group asking money privately messaged him asking banking details so can deposit He responded saying he doesn't actually need money. He asked money so nobody family would ask him money | lan Sausage @stephenjmolloy 3S @NatGeo Can please follow back so can DM got some new research is going blow mind! Following National Geographic O @NatGeo Follows Ducks don't actually

Mad Lads That Are Agents Of Pure Chaos

Mad lads have no time for silly rules.
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This Girl Can DRINK!

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Music FAILS: We Found Nugs in a Dopeless Place

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Shut Up, San Francisco, No One Cares


Few Nights Out are as Stunning as New Years Eve

drunk new years photo turned into art
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Scotch Just Like Vodka Goes Bad After 3-4 Days

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Funny random memes | Is this an empty bowl? is this a pigeon meme with a cat and a half full food bowl | My mom 3 hours after telling clean my room playing with toys haven't seen 20 years woman yelling at a cat

Random Memes And Tweets For Your Scrolling Pleasure

Memes are our gift to you!
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Mistakes On a Plane

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New York Times Columnist Maureen Dowd Writes About Getting High in Colorado, Twitter Responds Hilariously

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Love Me Some Hydration

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A Warm Welcome From Down Under

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Go Home Kings of Leon Bassist, U R Drunk

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RSVP if You're Down With LGBT and W-Double E-D

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