After 12


Ninth Time's the Charm

autocorrect AutocoWrecks drunk iphone sms text text message texting txt msg - 6359752704
By Unknown

I'm Ducked Up!

iPhones ducks texting drunk texting - 7144086528
By Rilee-Roo

Are You "The Dark Knight Rises?"

batman sms text message texting the dark knight the dark knight rises - 6349337856
By Unknown

You Have to Have Your Priorities in Drug Dealing

drugs iPhones priorities texting - 6841697280
By Unknown

No Grandma, c0caine Does You

drugs grandma texting tweet dating - 8461951232

Gaston Has Had One Too Many

beer drunk texting funny - 8265065216
Via Disney Gents From Last Night

Quick! To Google Translate!

drunk texting iphone phone sms text message texting - 6488960256
By Unknown

How Was Your Night Last Night?

AutocoWrecks iphone sms texting - 6125340672
By Unknown

Mom Needs a Little Explanation

420 iphone mom parenting sms texting - 6137281536
By Unknown

Party Time In Ponyville

drinking drugs drunk morning after my little pony texting - 5676855296
Via Texts From Ponyville

No, Really, This Text is Way More Interesting

bored make out Party photobomb texting woo girls - 5932439552
By Unknown

How Much Is That?

drunk, texting, babies, too much to drink
Via Buzzfeed

Mom's Making Special Brownies for Dessert

crazy high parenting texting - 6061093376
Via Reddit


iPhones texting g rated AutocoWrecks - 6823859712
By Unknown

Jabba Wonna Drinka!

star wars iPhones yoda texting - 6788492800
By Unknown

Hang On a Sec, Poop is Texting Me Again

AutocoWrecks poop sms text text message texting - 6417092608
By Unknown
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