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Tequila Ads Are Getting Weird

wtf Drake tequila ads funny - 8396902144
Via The Gray Brick

What is This? I Don't Even...

tequila what happened - 6497037568
Via buttersafe

Well, You're Not Wrong

shots tequila - 6760564992
By Unknown

Nobody Can!

tequila Cougar Town - 6643242496
By Unknown

Time For a Good Old Fashioned Feline-esta!

cat sombrero tequila - 6580831744
By Unknown

Booze News: New Jersey Drivers, Am I Right?

drunk driving tequila - 5523599616
By Adam (Via Daily Record)

Way to Beat the Odds

clothes meme sexy times success kid tequila - 5935876608
By Unknown

Crunk Critters: Uno Mas, Por Favor

cat crunk critters tequila funny - 5103818240
By Unknown

I Love You, Toilet

toilet tequila liquor alcohol - 6678124544
By Unknown
how its made tequila Video - 64093953

How Tequila Is Made

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Bad Party Favors

puke tequila party hard - 4964926464
By MelMel

Scotch Scotch Scotch, I Love Scotch

beer sophisticated scotch romance tequila gin - 6813189632
Via Journal Comics

Traditional Mexican Cuisine

mexico soup tequila - 5123207424
By Unknown

Moderation Must be a Good Guy

Cats funny tequila moderation - 8337089536
Via Flirtin' With Disaster

Magic Liquor!

Harry Potter tequila liquor magic - 6991213824
By Unknown

You're Too Young For 2/3 Of Those

beer birthday cake minor shame tequila underage drinking - 5416633600
Via Cake Wrecks
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