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That's What I Think of Your Tent...

eww tent vomit - 4631506944
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bike drunk outdoors passed out tent - 4602733056
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tent testingzone - 21681153

VOLT Festival: Drunken Tent-Building

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Enter the Sandman

bad idea camping passed out sand tent - 4461159936
Created by MiniNuckinfuts

Only Half the Story

passed out sharpie tent - 4888847872
Created by Snake73

He's Got His Head in the Right Place

camping passed out tent - 4943006720
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More Bromance

bromance dudes passed out tent - 4456937216
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Never Pass Out Near A Pyro

bad idea drunk fire outdoors passed out stupid tent - 4488072192
Created by Jon

Who Needs A Tent?

camp chair outdoors passed out stacking tent - 4408658688
Created by sean cam

Pitching His Own Tent

au natural camp passed out tent - 4437940736
Created by Oxbown

If You're Drinking in the Woods, Be Sure to Bring Your Sharpies

passed out sharpies tent - 4816141312
Created by Tour