After 12


Make sure to check the tape, just make sure its not Spinal Tape. We might never get rid of that. Take your puns to the next level with these sticky puns and jokes all about tape.


angry cigarette passed out stomach tape - 4323369216
Created by mcveyla

For Safety

hidden mattress passed out safety first tape - 5079297280
Created by Dave

Bound And Gagged

flag guitar passed out sign tape - 4481839872
Created by Faith11287

Just Give Them Breathing Holes

couch passed out tape - 4436862976
Created by Unknown

He Was Left There for Days

deck passed out stack tape - 4387391744
Created by Unknown

Makeshift Prison

cardboard couch drunk duct tape passed out stacking tape - 4448412928
Created by Sam-jim

How is He Breathing?

bottlecaps passed out spoon tape - 4338575872
Created by xxandiex

Wait Are His Eyes Open?

awesome passed out tape - 4498786816
Created by Unknown

Scene of the Crime

outline passed out tape - 4780867584
Created by Unknown

Want to Play a Game?

drunk passed out tape - 4418245376
Created by Unknown

How Did You Get Him Up There?

passed out tape wtf - 4384114432
Created by AndyTheRoo

You Used My Packing Tape!

chair passed out tape - 4455526400
Created by Unknown

This Guy Got Really Wrapped Up In The Party

couch drunk passed out saran wrap tape - 4553067520
Created by Garrett

Some Kinky Stuff Went Down

au natural passed out tape - 4884561408

Police Line Do Not Cross

couch tape - 4609214976
Created by Unknown
bed can drunk funny prank tape Video - 15597569

Can + Tape = Best Prank Ever

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