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1. Polish furniture. That pine sappy beer I have might not be desirable to drink, but maybe it would make a good smelling furniture polish. Lifehacker would recommend that I let the beer go flat first and then apply it to my furniture with a clean cloth.

2. Drown fruit flies. I once told you how I solved my fruit fly problem with a jar, some cider vinegar and a rolled up piece of paper. You can do the same thing with beer. The fruit flies will be attracted to the beer and fly in. By giving them a very narrow way of getting in and not much of chance of getting out, they'll eventually drown. It might take a couple of days and several changes of beer in the jar to get all the pests, but if you're not going to drink the beer, this is a good use for it.

3. Drown slugs in the garden. Fruit flies aren't the only insect attracted to beer. Care2 instructs gardeners to burry a wide mouth container up to its neck so it's flush with the ground around a garden that's being attacked by slugs. Fill the container halfway with beer, and the slugs will just slide in for a swim and never get back out.

4. Highlight your hair. SheKnows recommends using a six-pack of light-colored beer for some natural summer highlights. Use four of the beers to saturate your hair; drink the other two while you're lying in the sun letting it bleach your mane.