After 12


Pabst Makes Some Good Shorts...

beer Sexy Ladies funny shorts pbr - 8192593152
Via Ti**es n' Beer

Somebody Get A Funnel, STAT!

Party shorts upside down wtf - 4441132800
By Unknown

Ah, The Ol' "Beer In The Pants" Gag

beer beer bottle beer can crotch pants shorts why would you do that - 5364546048
By Unknown

You Ready for the 4th of July?

shorts Sexy Ladies drinking 4th of july parties funny - 7608048128
By Unknown

Someone Pull His Shorts Up!

beer butt shorts wtf - 4710229248
By Snake73

Lady Liber-D

Via CollinUllmann

Those Are Some LOUD Shorts...

passed out shorts - 4771510016
By HateEvent

Lettin' It All Hang Out

pants shorts - 4970584064
By Unknown