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That's What We Call Party Science

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Now You Can Take a Class to Learn How to Brew Beer

school beer science Now You Can Take a Class to Learn How to Brew Beer
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Party Rock Is In Gallifrey Tonight

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You Can Now Brew Morphine With Specialized Yeast

science drugs brewing You Can Now Brew Morphine With Specialized Yeast
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Experimenting With Powdered Alcohol

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Helium Beer Challenge

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A Little Wine Psychology

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How It's Made: Illegal Edition

the chemical makeup for coke
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The Science of the Hangover

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Scientists Can Tell You What Country Your Beer Is From

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Licking Rocks to Taste Wine...

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Dropping the Science: The Science of Bath Salts

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Now That's a Diet for Winners

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Does Your Wine Science?

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Tech of the Day: This Robot Can Play Beer Pong Better Than You

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The Hazards of Beer

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