After 12


You Said it, Buddy

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Have You Every Been So Angry You Beat Up a Clown

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It's Time for a Beer

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Why Not?

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Nobody Can Handle The Holidays Without Being A Little Blasted

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Beware the Duck Face

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Let's Just Hope He Doesn't Roll Over

couch drunk passed out prank scary - 4513931264
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A Terrifying Beer Label

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She's Having A Good Time

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One Scary Looking Shot

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This Beer Scares Me

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Midnight shift workers describe their spookiest experiences | chevy1500 9h like watch horror movies while doing midnights and while watching ring phone movie rings at exact same time my fax machine phone rings answer and nothing few secs. And get normal work fax lol, but still freaked out. Reply

Midnight Shift Workers' Spookiest Experiences

The world's brimming with unexplainable horrors.
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Someone TPeed that Scooter!

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Ok, That's Horrifying

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No Beer, No Fear

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