After 12


Every man or woman worth their salt. Amazing to think such a everyday commodity was once a pricey luxury. So whether your salty over your steak or that SO that dumped you on the way side, know you can rub salt in the wounds and make it hit home with these punny and hilarious salt jokes.

bros Hall of Fame idiots lime salt shots stupid why would you do that - 27193601

Attention Bros: This Is NOT A Good Idea, You Do Not Look Badass

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I'll Have the Pancakes and a Nap Please

drunk ketchup passed out salt - 4533749760
By brian.kane.35

Don't Do Salt, Kids

snails salt drugs kids - 7113429760
By Unknown

Just Salt

salt drugs - 6718760960
By Jacob
salt shot tequila - 37278721

Classic Party FAIL: The Tequila Suicide

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Mort: Not Even Once

after 12 bath salts Hall of Fame meth salt - 6297050368
By Unknown

It's the Only Logical Thing to Do

salt alcohol lemons tequila after 12 g rated - 7119384576
By Unknown

Keep Your Snail Away From Drugs

poorly drawn lines salt drugs - 6847024128
Via Poorly Drawn Lines