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Discovering Beer Can Be Trouble

never ask ed sheeran to take off his shirt
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An Incredible Superpower

He must be magic!
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Somethings Are Harder When You're High

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With Love and Longing

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Makes the World Taste Good

beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel with out beer
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Frank Hit the Nail on the Head

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A Fact of Life

once the beer is gone there is no more fun.
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The Kids Still Love Shrek

yearbook quotes saying shrek is love and shrek is life.
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Give Them Enough Beer and They Well

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My Liver Hates Surprises

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Hooray for Beer

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C.S. Lewis Knew What Was Up

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Quote of the Week

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Important Travel Advice

drinking quote image Important Travel Advice

Homer Knows What He's Talking About

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You Don't Need Anything But Facts and Beer

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